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First Mexican DJ signed by Sony Music México.

Best Mexican DJ by World Music Conference 

More than 3 million of YouTube views 'Back Again'.

Live Steaming in London

for DJ Mag  

Lemarroy is the first and only DJ signed by Sony Music Mexico, positioning himself as the top emergent artist of the Electronic Music Scene in the country during 2017. In the last years, he has showcased his music around the world, becoming one of the most proclaimed acts in Mexico.




  • “Back Again” ft. Nuala

  • +3M views: YouTube lyric video

  • +1M views : Youtube official video

  • 1M streams on Spotify

  • First emerging act to chart in Top México Deezer chart

  • Positioned on Spotify's premiere playlist "Top Electronic"

  • Positioned on the Top 20 of Anglo Radio Charts in Mexico

  • Viral Songs, Spotify Portugal





  • + 290K streams en Spotify

  • +600K views on YouTube.

  • Became the anthem of NGO, "HERO"

  • The movement was supported by influencers from the country such as Romina Sacre, Pascal Nadaud, Tat Serur, Ricky Treviño, Eduardo “El Chile”, Re Contreras, among others.

  • First single released by Sony Music México.

  • “Home” with Victor Porfidio Collab with Venezuela's #1 DJ/producer, Victor Porfidio +205K streams on Spotify





  • EDC México 2018: headliner

  • EDC México 2015 & 2017 alongside Jorge Nava

  • Vaivén 2018

  • Unite to Tomorrowland México 016

  • Amsterdam Dance Event 2017 (Amsterdam)

  • EPIC 2017 (Monterrey MX)

  • EMPO Awards 2016 (México)

  • Corona Sunsets 2015 (VeracruzMX)

  • Mayan Madness 2016 y 2017 (Playa del Carmen MX)

  • DJ Music Fest 2016 (Playa del Carmen MX)

  • Mayhem Party 2016 (ADE).




  • Lavo NightClub (Las Vegas )

  • Zaza ( Panama City)

  • The Wall (Miami)

  • Parliament (Chicago)

  • Day/Night Sessions (San Antonio, TX)

  • Jolie, Hudson Terrace 2016 (NYC Tour)

  • Monarch. Downstairs Club 2016 (Firence)